‘Justice League’ Film: Ben Affleck Out, Brett Ratner In?

The new Justice League film is hitting a few bumps along the way to its production. Just weeks ago, Ben Affleck got heralded as the film’s director. However, he turned the project down. Now it seems that Brett Ratner may take over at the helm. Suddenly, Ben isn’t looking like the wrong choice after all.

Some fans of the superhero film weren’t too keen on the choice of Affleck as director. It will be interesting to see what they think of the latest possibility. That’s all it is now — a possibility. Rumor has it, there’s a list of directors under consideration. Still, a Warner Brothers studio source says the powers-that-be are keen on Ratner.

“The studio is very pleased with the work that Brett [Ratner] has done as a producer and director on past projects,” the source revealed. “They are…interested in seeing what he can do with helping finally bring this group of iconic superheroes to the big screen,” he finished.

Sadly, Ratner’s turn at superhero drama in X-Men: The Last Stand didn’t go very well in a lot of people’s eyes. That’s why they’re uncertain he’s the right man for the Justice League job.

If doubting fans are lucky, Ratner might have to turn down the job even if it gets offered to him. He could be in the midst of production for Rush Hour 4 if all the stars align properly. No doubt some people are hoping that’s exactly what will happen.

What’s your take on the matter? Is Ratner a good fit for the film? Sound off below.

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