Justice Society of America members featured on JSA Smallville 2/5

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The CW aired a special JSA Smallville movie based on the Justice Society of America on Friday evening to introduce a series of new characters to the Smallville world.  The Justice Society of America originally comes from DC Comics and was created by Sheldon Mayer and Gardner Fox.  This is the first team in comic book history, first appearing in 1940 for All Star Comics issue #3.  The original founding Justice Society of America members included two superheroes you may have heard of already, The Flash and Green Lantern.




There’s 10 founding members of JSA and they are:

Doctor Fate
Doctor Mid-Nite
Green Lantern
Liberty Belle
Mister America
Mister Terrific
Wildcat (Ted Grant)

Curious about their powers?  Dr. Fate was a skilled sorcerer who could also fly, was resistant to injury, had some telekinetic ability and greater-than-human strength.  Doctor Mid-Nite could see perfectly in pitch dark, and could create a pitch-black gas to blind his villains while he saw.  The Flash is well known for his super speed.  Green Lantern  has been considered more powerful than even Superman as he derives his power from a mystical ring.  Mister Terrific is a superhero able to pick up aptitudes for all sorts of skills quickly, is multilingual, and is considered the third smartest man on the planet.  He is also unable to be detected by electronic technologies.

Mister America turned to crime-fighting after the Nazi’s sank an American liner carrying food to Europe in 1940.  He began carrying a whip and donned a special costume, and for a time had a magic carpet.  There’s also Wildcat, who is known for his dark catsuit costume and magical 9 lives.  Liberty Belle is one of just two female members of original JSA and has powers of flight and accelerated speed, as well as superhuman strength.  Obsidian has some unique shadow-related powers including the ability to merge with his own shadows or others’ and to become stronger in shadow form.  And finally there is Lighting, aka Jennifer Pierce who has the power of electricity manipulation.

Together the JSA formed the original superhero group in comic books, and one powerful bunch!  The JSA Smallville episode introduced a variety of these characters on the “Smallville: Absolute Justice” live-action movie on CW.  You can learn about some of the additional Justice Society of America members which included Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman here at Wikipedia.org!

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