Justin Bieber a dad? Paternity test December 15

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Justin Bieber has been summoned to take a paternity test just 10 days before Christmas! Mariah Yeater is evidently convinced that JB is her son’s dad that she doesn’t want to wait until after the holidays to get this over with!
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“Bieber vehemently denies the claim but has reportedly been summoned to attend a paternity test at Los Angeles Superior Court ten days before Christmas,” The Daily Mail reports.

Up until this point, people have wondered whether or not The Biebs would take a paternity test and when. It looks as though it might happen sooner than anyone expected. If JB knows that he has nothing to hide, he may go and take a DNA test even sooner than December 15. Yeater has been warned of the trouble she could be in if she is found to be lying, but she is moving forward with this case nonetheless. This isn’t going away for Justin, and he’s going to have to face the music.

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