Justin Bieber Admits He May Marry Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber usually tries to remain mum or at least guarded when he’s asked about his relationship with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. On June 19, however, the close-mouthed Teen Dream made an earth-shattering announcement. He revealed that he may marry Selena Gomez. Later, on The View, he admitted he’s still learning about love.

At a J & R album signing in Manhattan, JB accidentally (on purpose?) let slip an “exclusive scoop.” Justin confessed that he may become more than Selena Gomez’s perfect “Boyfriend.” He might become her husband. When a fan hit JB with the question “Will you marry Selena?” the Teen Dream coyly but honestly replied:

“We’ll see.”

While that wasn’t exactly an earth-shattering admission of plans for a proposal or engagement, it wasn’t a denial or an evasion either. It was honest, spontaneous, and showed that he’s definitely been thinking about matrimony with the Spring Breakers star. In fact, he seems to be thinking about love a lot.

Earlier that day in an interview on The View, Justin talked about the concept of love in general, and while he refrained from mentioning Selena by name, it was “obvious from his smirk that she was in the back of his mind.” When Barbra Walters asked the 18-year-old teen idol if he’d ever been in love, his answer was, again, honest and spontaneous, but also surprisingly mature and thoughtful.

“I think that being young…” Justin mused, “I’m still learning about what love is.”


So, there you have it. Justin Bieber says he and Selena Gomez may get married. But the question in the minds of their fans and haters alike is not just “Will they marry?” it’s also “Should they?” As usual, Hollywood Life conducted a poll, asking the latter question. A 49.86 percent majority responded “Yes. They are perfect together!” A more cautious 33.04 percent believed they were too young. And an incredibly honest 17.09 percent came back with “Maybe–But I’d rather Justin marry me.”

So there you have it. What do you think?

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