Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen Plan L.A. Hookup, Should Selena Gomez Worry?

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Justin Bieber is excited about his newly discovered artist, Carly Rae Jepsen. Justin is only 17, but he has apparently got an eye and an ear for talent and was not about to let Carly get away. Carly is also a Canadian and Justin clearly wants to share some of the love he has found. He has been doing his very best to make sure his 17-million strong Belieber family accept her into the flock.

So far, Beliebers are more than willing to accept any friend of Justin’s as one of theirs. Justin revealed he not only discovered Carly, but he is also responsible for signing her to SchoolBoy Records, the label he helped make a massive success. Scooter Braun may have the female version of Justin Bieber on his hands.

The 16-year-old Carly is headed to Los Angeles to meet her new team and it sounds like she will be hooking up with Justin. Carly posted a message to her Twitter account, “Flight to LA is booked. Heading down Monday to meet the team. Never been to LA before. Excited!” Justin responded, “see u soon.” Prior to the Twitter exchange, Justin personally called to tell Carly he was “excited for you to be able to come out to L.A. and work on your album.”

Should Selena Gomez be worried? Probably not. Justin is obviously very smitten with the “Hit the Lights” singer. He does not appear to be going anywhere soon. The exchange is all part of Scooter and Justin’s marketing plan. Is it working?

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