Justin Bieber and Chris Brown–A Duet at the VMAs?

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Will Justin Bieber and Chris Brown be performing a surprise duet at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday? That’s one of the latest rumors in circulation about the upcoming awards show.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it’s no secret that the two have been collaborating on some music. And there was even some speculation a while back that Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez doesn’t approve of his friendship with the rapper. Brown quickly dispelled those rumors, however. So will Justin and Chris be surprising fans on Sunday with a performance?

Here’s all that’s presently set in stone. Chris Brown is in fact scheduled to perform at the VMAs. Selena Gomez will be one of the event’s presenters and Justin Bieber has been confirmed as her date. He is also nominated for an award. The combination of these facts has some people believing wholeheartedly that Justin will be getting up onto the stage to sing with Chris Brown.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown’s recent collaborations have including a song called Next 2 You and a mixtape rap called Ladies Love Me. Do you suppose one or both of these songs will be performed by Justin and Chris at the Video Music Awards?

Alas no one will actually know until Sunday when the MTV Video Music Awards are well under way. Stars may be questioned while walking the red carpet, but if a performance by these two is meant to be a surprise–then a surprise it will undoubtedly remain. It’s not likely that either of the guys will divulge such information prior to the show.

So what’s your take on this scenario? Will Justin Bieber perform a duet with Chris Brown at the VMAs? Or will Chris Brown perform solo, leaving Justin to possibly win an award and spend the evening beside his beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez? Either way, it certainly sounds like the Biebs comes out a winner!

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Justin BieberI hate it when your with Chris Brown and he punches you in the face

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