Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Share Tweets and Their Manager

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Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have tweeted to each other! But is Cody getting too close to taking Justin’s place as the world’s biggest pop star?

The Biebs might want to start getting worried. The public seems to believe that no one will be listening to Justin ten years from now, meaning his career will go the way of Nick Carter’s, not Justin Timberlake’s. But if he does disappear from the radio, a new teen sensation has to take his place—and Justin’s loyal manager might already be grooming the next big star to fill the Biebs’ purple high tops.

A lot of Justin Bieber fans probably thought it was really sweet that the Biebs tweeted this message to Cody Simpson: “shoutout to @ddlovato @codysimpson @mindlessbhavior 4 all their albums coming out this week. our generation is doing it big. #sharethewealth.” And of course, Cody was definitely grateful, because he replied with this: “@justinbieber mate I appreciate the shoutout. heard you liked Good As It Gets. thanks for that. #CoastToCoast.” However, they might not be tweeting back and forth because they’re best buds—Justin might have been doing his manager Scooter Braun a favor.

Jealousy fire!According to The Hot Hits, Scooter is listed as Cody’s manager in the notes of his Coast to Coast album, so maybe Scooter asked Justin to help promote his potential replacement (Scooter himself also sent a congratulatory tweet Cody’s way).

Of course, it would be nice if there was room for both Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber on the teen pop scene, but the world of pop music today isn’t all sparkly pony unicorns, cupcake bras, and keyboard cats (have you seen Dirty Bieber Secrets?)—as Justin’s fans grow up and move on to different kinds of music, a new generation of tweens and teens will be looking for a pop idol to call their own. As of right now, Australian crooner Cody seems like the man for the job.

So will Scooter Braun eventually abandon Justin to promote Cody’s career? It’s hard to imagine this happening since he and Justin are such good pals, but Scooter can only do so much to ensure that Justin continues to be the Prince of Pop—the rest is up to a new generation to decide.

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