Justin Bieber and His Most Shocking Moments: Selena Gomez Stunned?

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Justin Bieber has definitely delivered a colorful lineup of shocking moments (good, bad and ugly!) since he skyrocketed to success as a pop sensation with heart-throb status among his countless Beliebers. But was his main gal, girlfriend Selena Gomez, stunned by any of his surprising actions?

At only 17 years old, the “Baby” singer’s nearly unbelievable success story, and his worldwide fame factor has perhaps been the most statement-making and remarkable of all. That aside, there have been plenty of other head-turning incidents that have led to cheers, tears, and maybe even a few boos from his fans. Hollywood Life explores some of the most notable moments. But which one has the biggest shock value?

First up is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s PDA. Their romantic relationship has really blossomed in 2011 and, despite both stars’ relative unwillingness to directly spill too much detail during interviews and personal appearances, their actions have done all the talking. From kissing and hand-holding to cuddling, canoodling and more, the couple has publicly shown their affection, from Hollywood to Hawaii, with little care about peeping paparazzi. Part and parcel to Bieber and Gomez’s PDA are their unbelievable date nights, with the Biebs renting out the entire Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic. What a titanic move!

Of course, there have been less favorable and not-so-attractive incidents from Bieber of which Gomez certainly disapproved, one of which would have to be him flipping the bird at the paparazzi. It must be trying and difficult for major celebrities like Bieber to constantly deal with the paparazzi’s advances and flashbulbs, but it’s still no excuse to compromise his role model status. And, in a classic “stars, they’re just like us” moment, Bieber got nabbed by the police and pulled over in his Batmobile car. Wonder if he talked his way out of that ticket, perhaps by providing an autograph?!

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgSpeaking of cars, Bieber showed his ultra-sweet and generous side when he gave his good friend Ryan Butler a Ford Mustang for Christmas. And he’s always had an eye towards helping others, championing and raising money for such charities as Pencils of Promise. The proceeds from his fragrance, Someday, even benefit charitable organizations!

One of the most recent shocking things that Justin Bieber has done is get another bit of ink plastered on the back of this left calf. He recently debuted his new Jesus tattoo on the beach in Los Angeles, and it is definitely his most noticeable bit of body art. Hopefully Selena Gomez’s likes the tatted-up look because her boyfriend is definitely piling on the body art at a relatively young age.

Hollywood Life does leave out one of Bieber’s most outrageous and scandalous experiences; one that he really had nothing to do with and had little control over, but that did affect him significantly. He was forced to address Mariah Yeater’s appalling baby daddy drama that put him in the middle of ridiculous paternity accusations. Talk about real shock value.

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