Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan–Their Creepy Connection Revealed

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Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan seem to have nothing in common. In fact, no two stars could be more different than the uber-famous squeaky clean pop wunderkind and the über infamous ex Disney darling. Nevertheless, these two mismatched celebrities share a creepy 6 degrees of separation-type connection. Well, actually, it’s only 2 degrees. Both Lohan and Bieber graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine at the tender age of 18, and both covers sported the same title–Hot, Ready, Legal. Yep, creepy.

La Lohan was on top of the world when she posed for that cover back in 2004. She was a fresh-faced graduate of the Disney child star making machine who had proved not only her star quality but also her acting chops in a string of hits including Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and the classic Mean Girls. Eight years later, she’s known mostly for her string of arrests, car crashes, and unsuccessful stints in rehab. Ouch. Poor Lindsay.

It’s ironic that Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone cover should sport the same title. It is also unfortunate, because it will no doubt cause many people to wonder what the Biebs will be like eight years from now. Will he too self-destruct beneath the glare of the celebrity spotlight like Lindsay? Or will he go on like another Disney alum, Justin Timberlake, to a successful adult recording and movie career? Only time will tell, of course. Unlike poor Lindsay, Justin has a team of experts to guide him as well as family and friends. On the other hand, his behavior of late–punching a paparazzo, engaging in a high-speed freeway chase, and throwing temper tantrums on a golf course and a radio talk show to name only a few–could indicate a troubled future. Is his implosion, like La Lohan’s before him, only a matter of time?

Click here to see pics of Bieber’s and Lohan’s respective Rolling Stone covers. What do you think?

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