Justin Bieber and One Direction up for Worst Album Award

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Justin Bieber and One Direction will be competing in the Worst Album category at this year’s NME Awards.

The NME Awards are held annually in the U.K., and they’ve been around since the days of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. To stand out from other musical awards like the Grammys, NME doesn’t just recognize the best in the biz — it also doles out honors like Worst Album, Worst Band, and Villain of the Year. So it’s kind of like the Razzies for music.

This year, a lot of beloved musicians will be competing in the worst categories. Tons of fans are going to be upset about who is up for the Worst Album honor. According to Sugarscape, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ will compete against One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Under The Mistletoe.’ Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ and Viva Brother’s critically-panned ‘Famous First Words’ are also competing, but it would make sense for NME to give the award to Gaga or Bieber since they would get the most media attention. The Biebs’ Christmas album probably deserves it more that ‘Born This Way'; lots of people got sick of hearing his voice over and over again during the holidays, and the song “Little Drummer Boy” is enough to warrant him winning the award (he raps about how he should be in the Bible!).

Justin Bieber will also be competing against Lady Gaga in the Villain Of The Year category alongside Liam Gallagher, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The Biebs, Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy PM Clegg were all nominated last year, and Cameron ended up winning. It wouldn’t be surprising if angry Brits bestowed the honor upon him again, and it might be a good idea considering how angry little monsters and Beliebers would be if either of their beloved stars got the award.

Meanwhile, Directioners will have to worry about One Direction winning the Worst Band Award; Harry Styles and his band mates will competing against Muse, Coldplay, Beady Eye, and Viva Brother (No Nickelback?).

So who do you think should be given the Worst Album, Worst Band, and Villain Of The Year at the NME Awards?

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