Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Passionately Kiss at Disneyland

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a passionate kiss at Disneyland. So was their smooch against a drink freezer a little bit too risqué for the happiest place on Earth?

Parents with kids around might have covered up their children’s eyes, because the couple took part in a make out session that looked vaguely familiar – it was kind of like the moment in a rom-com where a couple is kissing outside an apartment door before going inside to take things a little further. But luckily there could be no sex involved here – the door that Selena and Justin were making out against was connected to a drink freezer.

The photo that’s posted on Radar Online certainly will raise a few eyebrows – Justin Bieber seems to be aggressively pressing Selena Gomez against the glass, and it’s certainly worrisome that they can’t keep their hands off of each other in public (well, at least it might concern those that believe in waiting until marriage to have sex). After all, Selena is a former Disney star, so she should have known better – getting raunchy at Disneyland is no way to set a good example for young fans.

But perhaps her kiss with the Biebs is just further evidence at her attempt to leave her Disney past behind – she and Justin are both reaching that point in their lives where they’ve realized that they can’t be teen stars forever. Justin is trying to keep his career alive by changing his musical direction and making a move toward doing movies (he’s set to star in a basketball film with Mark Wahlberg), while Selena has been experimenting with wearing sexier outfits onstage. She also landed a very non-Disney role in the upcoming movie Spring Breakers – she’ll be playing a girl who lands in jail after trying to rob a restaurant to fund a spring break trip.

So since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are trying so hard to grow up career-wise, their body language during their kiss could be seen as evidence that they’re trying to become adults in another big way. Justin might have vowed to avoid singing about sex, but that doesn’t mean he’s abstinent.

So what do you think of the kissing photo?

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