Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Pics, Twitter & More in Billboard Feature

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A recent Billboard feature discusses Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Mostly, it is a feature on Selena, discussing her power on social media including Twitter and Facebook, as well as her upcoming music. However, it does touch upon Bieber and Gomez’s romantic getaway all caught on film and how it lit up the Internet. It also makes one wonder just how Selena Gomez has any time to eat or sleep based on how much work she does, as well as her relationship with Biebs on the side.

The Billboard cover story mentions that the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pics of their Hawaiian vacation are tame compared to Vanessa Hudgens leaked nude photos or Miley Cyrus’ infamous bong video. Gomez says of the Internet that she has a “love-hate relationship” and even does her own Tweets. She notes, “I don’t like it in general—it’s vicious. But it’s also incredible that I can connect with fans, because I love to hear their feedback and let them know about my life.”

Of Gomez’s social media interaction, Billboard points out her online stats: 6 million Twitter followers and 20.5 million “likes” on Facebook. They also make sure everyone understands those numbers are below boyfriend Justin Bieber’s current counts.

Also noted in this article, aside from the mentions of boyfriend Justin Bieber, is just how hardworking Selena Gomez is. Selena does radio, TV, and mall visits, all as part of her ongoing promotional work. She’s got a new movie, Monte Carlo, coming out in July, a new album coming out soon, and of course, the relationship with Justin Bieber. Not to mention she does her own Tweets online. She is clearly building a brand known as Selena Gomez at just 18 years old.

While she may be the target of plenty of “haters” online, you’ve got to respect how much energy and work ethic she brings to the table. Selena Gomez likely realizes just how big a career she can build if she keeps it up, but will balancing all these projects and Justin Bieber be too much at some point? At one point, do you think these two might split, or will their relationship stand the test of “time management?”

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