Justin Bieber, Apparently Not Dead, To Appear On “Saturday Night Live”

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Depending on whom you believe, teen scream Justin Bieber has either risen from beyond the grave or simply signed on to appear as the musical guest on the April 10 edition of Saturday Night Live. Getting most of the credit? Online petitions by the singer’s fans, including Twitter account @BieberOnSNL.

The result evidently means that SNL honcho Lorne Michaels actually is aware of things like the Interweb and stuff, and is not simply sitting in a dark room trying to come up with ways of making ill-considered “cameos” on his own program. This means that the ongoing online demand for Betty White — also not dead — to host may not be in vain, after all.

As for Bieber, he used his own Twitter account to confirm the late-night booking, offering a sketch idea: “Me and Chuck Norris should do SNL together. that would be good. very good.” Uh, okay.

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