Justin Bieber arrested rumors hit net – his Twitter says he’s on the run!

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If you saw “Justin Bieber arrested” was one of the hottest searches going on the internet right now, you may have been in major shock. The kid seems to have a squeaky clean image, right now, and any news of him getting arrested would probably skyrocket his career to bad boy status. However, it appears there’s no reports to confirm any arrest of Justin Bieber or illegal activity.

Update: Justin Bieber arrested – TRUE or FALSE?

Justin Bieber’s latest Twitter Tweet informs everyone of his next location:

Now off to London. Wembley here we come!!! http://twitpic.com/1ubkjr

Apparently, J-Bieber just wrapped up a concert with Taylor Swift. So unless the two hooked up and it was against the law there, no crimes appear to have been committed. Even in that instance, it would be Swift committing the crime as the older of the two.

The only instances of the word Justin Bieber and arrested you might see near each other online are with news stories of his parent’s former custody battle. Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber was arrested numerous times according to Justin’s mom, for a history of criminal activity including assaults and breach of probation. Justin’s mom seemed to be the winner in the whole deal as she’s often seen with him whether it’s on MTV Diary or Oprah’s show. So the story was Jeremy Bieber arrested, not Justin.

UPDATE: I’ve also seen reports online that Bieber was once taken by the police back home for violating curfew. I haven’t seen confirmation that he was arrested at the time though.

Not to sound crass, but just about every celebrity ends up with some sort of scandal. Sometimes they even help further their celeb status. Whether it’s roughing up the paparazzi or getting busted with pot (Chace Crawford). I wonder what Justin’s big crime will be, something elaborate like a bank heist or grand theft auto?

Or can Bieber keep up the clean superstar image throughout his career… Do you think if Justin Bieber was arrested it would hurt or help his career?

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