Justin Bieber Assesses U.S. Health Care

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As if we need another opinion of health care, Justin Bieber has offered his. A Rolling Stone article quotes Bieber as saying, “You guys are evil…..Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him…”

The almost 17-year-old uses his bodyguard’s premature baby as an example. He says that if a premature baby is born in Canada, the child stays in the hospital as long as it needs to, and then goes home. But in this country, his bodyguard actually had to pay for hospitalization.

Bieber also has opinions on abortion and pre-marital sex, says a Fox News article. Abortion is like “killing a baby,” but in the case of rape, since he guesses he has never been in that position, he can’t judge. He believes that people should wait to fall in love before they have sex.

It’s interesting to hear someone of Beiber’s age and position offer opinions on issues that plague the country. It would be even more interesting to conduct an interview with the young man ten or even twenty years from now.

While admiration goes to Bieber for even having an opinion on such volatile issues, one has to wonder if youth and fame might contribute to his idealistic comments. He just might need to live a little more of his life to understand that controversial issues such as these are far from black and white.

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