Justin Bieber Attacked By Eggthrower At Sydney Concert–Was Chris Brown The Cause?

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Recently Justin Bieber overcame adversity on his My World Tour when he ignored his doctors’ orders and took to the stage in Sydney Australia. The über idol had been suffering from severe back pain after being injured in a wake boarding accident while on vacation with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Ever the trooper, the Biebs fought through the pain and gave a knock-out performance for the sold-out crowd because he refused to disappoint his thousands of fans. Sadly, some of those fans weren’t very appreciative.

Justin Bieber was attacked at his Acer Arena concert on Friday night — by flying eggs. Yes, someone in the audience actually threw eggs at the Biebs. Six of them to be exact. Whether the eggs were rotten or not is unknown; nevertheless, the message was clear. Someone did not like the concert. How is that possible? Did a “rotten egg” somehow slip into Acer Arena along with all those thousands of true beliebers?

It is interesting that this bizarre attack on Justin Bieber occurred in Sydney where he was performing with Chris Brown. Brown, who pleaded guilty to beating the heck out of his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, continued to act out his anger management issues earlier this year when he threw a chair through his dressing room window on the set of Good Morning America. Members of the media have questioned the wisdom of Justin Bieber’s association with Brown before. Could Chris Brown’s presence onstage in Sydney have been the catalyst for the egg-throwing incident?

It’s certainly possible. But alas, only the egg tosser knows for sure, and he or she will surely never tell. Reportedly, “a helper quickly cleaned up the mess” onstage, and the show went on.

Hopefully, the egg thrower beat a hasty retreat after doing the deed. All those Bieber-fevered teenage girls would probably have done the culprit serious harm.

Just saying.

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