Justin Bieber Attends Colorado Prom…Kind Of

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Justin Bieber missed out on his own prom, but he was lucky enough to be dragged along, literally, to a prom in Colorado. Kristen Schubert tried her best to get Justin to escort her to her prom at Grand Valley High School, but each of her requests went unanswered. Undoubtedly, the Canadian singer gets a lot of requests from fans to be their date for the night. He is only one guy, and cannot possibly fulfill every wish.

Schubert was not deterred and managed to find the next best thing — a life-size Justin Bieber cardboard cutout. Justin was a little dressed down for the formal dance, but nobody seemed to mind. Schubert did not let his casual wear interfere with the traditional pictures either.

She posed alongside her cut out of Justin wearing black jeans with his hands thrust into his front pockets. His shirt was a pretty rumpled, but he still looked pretty darn good with his bow tie loose and hanging around his neck.

The teen even dragged her extremely stiff date onto the dance floor. When Justin’s “Boyfriend” came on, the couple were swarmed by other young ladies who wanted the chance to dance with the Biebs. It just goes to show; your dreams can come true with a little ingenuity.

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