Justin Bieber Attracting Attention of Another Victoria’s Secret Supermodel: Selena Gomez Won’t Be Jealous!

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Justin Bieber certainly knows how to attract the female set—even those of the supermodel variety. Chalk it up to his boyish turned semi-bad-boy charm. (Selena Gomez probably knows about it all too well, at least if the rumors of “trust issues” surrounding the Jelena break-up are true.) But the “Boyfriend” singer’s latest group of admirers are a far cry from the squealing, shrieking, poster-hanging, autograph-obsessed, garden variety of teeny-boppers often associated with the pop sensation. The 18-year-old is moving right on up, garnering the attention of the leggy lovelies of Victoria’s Secret.

File:Justin Bieber April 2011 2.jpgBieber recently performed at the ultra-sexy VS Fashion Show—not a bad gig for any performer. But his flirty act with the lingerie-clad catwalkers didn’t end on the runway, as he was rumored to have perhaps become a bit too buddy-buddy with some of the girls (namely, Barbara Palvin). Palvin has vehemently denied any romantic tryst despite that “Lion King date.” But another Victoria’s Secret supermodel isn’t so shy in showing her true feelings about the Biebs.

“The other day we were in South Africa, I turned on the TV and Justin Bieber’s documentary was on,” Miranda Kerr recently gushed. Even her 21-month-old baby boy, Flynn, liked what he heard. “I said, ‘Flynn! Say Bieber fever,’ and he said ‘Bieber fever’ back. I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kerr added.

Selena Gomez may have split from Bieber because of trust issues, busy schedules and/or jealousy. And his supposed rendezvous with Palvin may have added insult to injury. But even she would have to admit that supermodel Kerr and her baby boy’s feelings about her ex are pretty cute.

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