Justin Bieber Baby Accuser to Submit for DNA Testing

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Justin Bieber has fulfilled his end of an agreement made between his lawyers and the lawyer representing Mariah Yeater. Now it’s her turn. In the latest update to this ongoing teeny-pop soap opera, it appears that the baby will be tested.

A source reports that Mariah Yeater has agreed to submit her young son over for DNA testing to see if his DNA matches that of Justin Bieber. Bieber has been accused of fathering Yeater’s child after she claims the two had sex backstage at one of his concerts.

This comes as some lukewarm news after Yeater refused to hand over her boy for the controlled DNA testing, after the Biebs took his test. She wanted him to retest somewhere else with her present. So of course she just seemed even more like a psychotic fan wanting to get a chance to meet her teen-dream.

If this child and Justin Bieber end up sharing DNA, Mariah Yeater isn’t going to necessarily be rolling in the dough; nor is she going to be living some pampered life as Bieber’s shotgun bride — as it’s apparent that’s the fantasy world she is inhabiting at the moment. In fact, Justin has the funds and stability needed to sue for custody of a child — full custody. With the woman’s past and her recent exploits of smoking marijuana in front of the potential of being “their” son, no judge would let her keep custody against a celebrity like him.

Furthermore, she could even get into some trouble with statutory rape. He was only 16 at the time, and she was a legal adult. She’s certainly no genius.


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