Justin Bieber Baby Mama Drama: Wins MTV EMA Awards, Mentions Mariah Yeater?

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The Justin Bieber baby mama drama is still going on. JB recently won two 2011 MTV EMA Awards in Belfast on Sunday and may have mentioned the Mariah Yeater situation. The awards show is taking place in Ireland, but set to be shown on television on Monday. JB’s girlfriend Selena Gomez is hosting the event.

It seems that the highly-talented singing and rapping Justin Bieber keeps winning awards. According to MTV UK, Bieber’s first win was for the first-ever MTV Voices award at the 2011 MTV EMA show. The award recognizes Bieber and the Northern Ireland Youth Forum for charitable work. Bieber has the Believe Charity Drive which is being used to raise money for 20 different charities worldwide. The charities focus on “education, well-being and youth.” This is certainly a positive in the midst of the current scandal claiming Justin Bieber is the dad of Mariah Yeater’s baby.

Bieber may have mentioned that paternity lawsuit scandal when he accepted his second award. MTV UK reported that Bieber won the Best Pop award, which may have been his third victory on the night. They report that Bieber accepted the award from rapper Ludacris on stage and while accepting said, “There’s been a lot of c**p talked about me lately, but I’ve pulled through!” He still may have more scandals to come, but he seems to be staying positive and driven.

Justin Bieber wouldn’t be a top celebrity without some measure of drama, and in his case it’s happening to him at a young age. Will it impact his ability to keep on going? It seems unlikely as the sky’s the limit for this young singing talent!

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