Justin Bieber & Baby Mama Mariah Yeater Become Jimmy Fallon Twitter Video Joke

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The Justin Bieber baby mama drama with Mariah Yeater has brought about all sorts of rumors and innuendo, as well as jokes. Actor, comedian, and late show host Jimmy Fallon has joined the fun on Twitter and also created his own mock JB video spoofing his hit song and the paternity lawsuit.

The hit song Baby is all Justin Bieber, and Jimmy Fallon has put a clever twist on it. Fallon, who was a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, now hosts Late Night With Jimmy Fallon just after 12:30AM EST every night on NBC. He’s done skits and mock music videos with Bieber before and decided to poke fun at the whole “baby momma” situation. Fallon joked on Twitter earlier on Wednesday evening:

“Justin Bieber performs a new song on our show tonight: ‘(It’s Not My) Baby’ #latenightwithJimmyFallon”

Fallon also added a mock video on his website of (It’s Not My) Baby (seen below) and mentions Selena Gomez as well as the paternity suit in the hilarious spoof lyrics. The legendary Roots crew plays behind Fallon as he talks about not using protection and only lasting for 30 seconds, or more like 45. Hip hop lyricist Black Thought of The Roots also provides a rap verse finishing with “I ain’t that baby’s daddy.” After seeing the video, Fallon clearly has some dance moves and may be able to rival JB if he goes on tour. If nothing else it’s a humorous look at the recent Bieber baby story which many will get a kick out of.

By the way, for those who haven’t seen the TV listings, Justin Bieber won’t be appearing as a performer on tonight’s Jimmy Fallon show. Instead, Dave Stewart is the listed performer, with actor Billy Bob Thornton among tonight’s special guests. Maybe Bieber will make a surprise appearance. So what exactly will Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater think of this Jimmy Fallon video? It’s likely that Bieber will get a kick out of this one, but the baby mama won’t!

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