Justin Bieber: Baby Mom a Raging Lunatic with Allegations

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Justin Bieber has a lot on his hands with Mariah Yeater accusing him of being the father of her 3-month-old son, Tristyn. The news headlines just keep getting better the more the public learns about the 20-year-old woman who claims she and Justin had a 30-second sex session last year. In an interview with the grandmother of Yeater’s ex-boyfriend, John Terranova, she reveals a lunatic who has thrown allegations around before over the paternity of her son.

The infamous baby mom isn’t backing down with her allegations that the teen star fathered Tristyn. Photos uncover a somewhat rebellious, feisty person in front of the lens.

Frances Lippe, Terranova’s grandmother claims Yeater went to their house in December 2010 and announced she was pregnant with his child. What supposedly ensued was the two talking in a car resulting in Yeater breaking the car window. In a police report released, she slapped Terranova three times and was arrested for battery. A Vegas court date has been set, but she fled the state of Nevada for San Diego.

Mariah Yeater’s case against Justin Bieber is coming off as less credible by the second with her history and track record. The woman is giving the impression she’s unstable and a bit of a lunatic. What else is there to know about the baby mom?

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