Justin Bieber Baby Scandal: Mariah Yeater’s Ex Boyfriend Demands to Take DNA Test

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Just when it seemed that the Justin Bieber baby scandal couldn’t get any more bizarre, it has. Mariah Yeater’s ex has reportedly come forward, and, unlike the Teen Dream, he’s not denying that Yeater’s son might be his. Au contraire. La Yeater’s former beau, Robbie, insists he’s the father of the so-called Bieber love child, and he’s demanding to take a paternity test to prove it. Yikes. What’s next?

If the name Robbie Powell seems vaguely familiar, it should. He was mentioned by Yeater in those incriminating text messages which she allegedly sent to a friend about her true baby daddy’s identity. In the texts, Yeater begged her friend John to erase old texts in which she’d admitted that Robbie had fathered her child. Now it seems she won’t have to worry about that because, according to TMZ, Robbie has stepped up. And what’s more, he’s speaking up, telling anyone who’ll listen that he “has no doubt … he’s the daddy of the baby she claims Justin Bieber fathered … and he wants to take a DNA test to prove it.” According to inside sources, Powell has blabbed to his friends that Mariah told him the Justin Bieber baby daddy story was a lie. He believes she decided to go after the pop superstar because she’s “desperate for cash.”

And speaking of cash, Robbie might be about to come into some of the green stuff himself. Although the inside sources claim Powell has stepped up because he’s “tired of Yeater using the kid for media attention,” TMZ reports that the wily Powell has already made contact with various “media outlets” in hopes of selling–er–telling his story. For now, he’s weighing the options.

Oddly enough, there’s been no comment about this new development from Mariah Yeater or her attorneys. Or from Justin Bieber for that matter. Of course, if Robbie Powell is permitted to take the DNA test and it proves his paternity, then the entire melodrama will end immediately. If not, then the ball will once again be in Biebs’s court since Yeater’s attorneys are insisting that he retake his paternity test in their presence. Looks like JB’s (and Selena Gomez’s) public ordeal may continue for a while.

Stay tuned.

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