Justin Bieber Baby Scandal – Usher Speaks Out!

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Justin Bieber has already had his DNA collected and profiled, but the baby scandal that Mariah Yeater set in motion just won’t go away. Now Usher, the rapper who has mentored The Biebs’ career, speaks out on the whole celeb paternity thing.

First, when TMZ caught Usher at the airport and shoved a camera in his face asking about baby-daddies, he laughed. And he’s right. The whole scandal-story would be funny—except it isn’t funny. The tale the baby’s mom tells goes against everything Justin Bieber has always stood for. It undermines his whole image. So—assuming he is innocent—he deserves vindication.

According to Usher, “It goes with the territory!” Sure, but Usher has a somewhat different image than Justin Bieber. In the same situation—assuming the accuser could not prove her story, thus relieving him of any responsibility for child supFile:Justin Bieber 2011.jpgport, Usher would likely ignore the whole thing. In fact, there are rumors he has done just that.

But just letting the story die would not set well with the thousands—read that, millions—of “Beliebers” out there. Or with their mothers.

At this point, after Mariah lost her first lawyers and gave up her lawsuit, almost everyone believes Justin Bieber is innocent of the allegations. But 16-year-old guys, with or without lots of money to back them up, have done crazy, insane things before. So hey, anything is possible. Usher may not care, but Bieber fans deserve to know the truth. And Justin deserves to have it told. And as for the baby—he deserves better than he is getting.

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