Justin Bieber Beat to a Bloody Pulp! (Video)

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Justin Bieber has been beaten to a bloody pulp and there are pictures to prove it! The young singer found himself the target of a guy twice his size and clearly trained in the art of boxing. Justin didn’t stand a chance against this guy, but he managed to hold his own.

Relax! The entire video and photo shoot are all in the name of art, kind of. The young men’s lifestyle magazine, Complex is celebrating their 10th anniversary and thought it would be a great way to garner some attention. Pictures of Justin holding a steak to his black eye are certainly attention grabbing.

The pictures of Justin bleeding from his nose, ear, and mouth are heart wrenching, so you may want to grab a couple of tissues. His beautiful face is marred by massive bruises for the photo shoot in which he fends off his attacker.

Justin Bieber still manages to look stunning, despite looking a little worse for wear as he manages to keep his footing in the ring. Unlike his boxing counterpart, Justin dons a Dolce & Gabbana suit for his time in the ring. If you are going to get your butt kicked, do it in style. He manages to keep his Topman bow tie snug as his shirt is ripped to shreds. Yes, Justin’s chest is bared.

In true boxing fashion, a scantily clad female is there to lend the Biebs support, and no, it is not Selena Gomez. Justin shows he is more than just a pretty face and manages to finish his opponent with one very sneaky move. Watch the video below to see Justin show off his boxing skills.

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