Justin Bieber Buys $10.8 Million Hollywood Home, Sends Ashton Kutcher Packing

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Justin Bieber is officially an adult, and that means he is ready to venture into the world of real estate. The young singer has reportedly used his new adult status to buy himself a lavish home. Rumors suggest he will share this home with Selena Gomez, not his mom. He is reportedly buying a separate home for his mom.

Justin’s new $10.8 million pad is not quite move-in ready. Ashton Kutcher currently rents the home for $50,000 a month. Sorry Ashton, it is time to pack your bags; you are officially homeless.

The home is absolutely stunning! It includes five bedrooms sprawled out over 9,400 square feet. A stunning view of Lake Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills is also included, which makes for an idealistic backdrop for a romantic evening alone for the two lovebirds. Justin and Selena will not have to worry about the pesky paparazzi following their every move on date night. Justin’s new home includes a private theatre. A luxurious pool and covered outdoor area is the perfect place for afternoon dates.

Everybody knows Selena is a fan of massages. Now, Justin can hire a female masseuse to come to his house and give his girlfriend a private massage in his personal massage room. While Selena is relaxing, Justin can keep working on those, ahem, muscles in his private gym.

The massive gourmet kitchen is the perfect place for Justin and Selena to play in the culinary arts as they practice their family skills. With five bedrooms, there is certainly room for all the kids Justin is planning on. Check out all the pictures of Justin Bieber’s new home here. He has certainly come a long way from the days of relying on food banks. Congratulations to Justin on becoming a first-time homeowner!

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