Justin Bieber Calls Manager A Jerk Is The Biebs A Spoiled Brat?

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Life isn’t always easy–even for Justin Bieber.  Sometimes even the most popular teen idol on the planet can’t get what he wants exactly when he wants it.  And when that happens, it’s only natural that he would get a little upset.

That’s exactly what happened last year when Justin Bieber wanted to buy a model helicopter and his manager, Scooter Braun,  decided it wasn’t a good idea.  According to Hollywood Life, the teen dream called his mom from the airport for permission to buy a toy helicopter after Braun told him he couldn’t.  Apparently Braun thought the helicopter would be a distraction to the Biebs’s work schedule.  Justin thought Braun was “just being a jerk,” and he told his mother as much right in front of Braun.  Yikes. 

Alas, Justin’s mom sided with Braun, leaving the Biebs to stomp away yelling: “ItÂ’s ten dollars!”

And Braun’s response to Justin’s tantrum?  “If you get it now, you look like a spoiled girl from My [Super] Sweet 16.”  Ouch!

Justin perseveres and Braun finally relents–sort of, promising that Justin can buy the helicopter in 3 weeks after he’s finished working.  The entire Biebs-Braun altercation can be watched on this TMZ video.  

Justin Bieber makes enough money to buy ten real helicopters per year, so why was Scooter Braun who obviously makes a healthy profit managing the Biebs so determined to deny him a $10 toy.  After all, he’s not Justin’s father.  On the other hand, when Justin’s mom sided with Braun, perhaps the Biebs should have shut up and left well enough alone until his 18th birthday when he can do whatever he wants.

So, is Scooter Braun  tyrant?  Is Justin Bieber a brat?

What do you think?

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