‘Justin Bieber’ Cameo Appearance in New Selena Gomez Music Video

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Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has just released a preview of her new music video Love You Like a Love Song. Weeks ago, the unreleased video upset animal rights activists who understandably objected to the pink-painted horses appearing in one dream sequence. Fortunately, that scene has been deleted and the video is now perfect. The song itself is happy and upbeat, and the visuals are an eclectic mix of fantasies. Furthermore, while so many of La Gomez’s songs these days seem to harbor hidden messages for and/or about her man, JB, this one doesn’t even mention him. Or Nick Jonas or Taylor Lautner or—

Just messing with you. Not only is Selena’s new opus obviously about her Never Say Never squeeze, he even makes a cameo appearance in it. Sort of.

In the video which you can watch below, Selena sings Love You Like a Love Song as she floats, dances, drives, and even hoola hoops through a kaleidoscope of sometimes whimsical, sometimes erotically charged, always fascinating images. Sometimes she simply watches T.V. At approximately 0.33, she serenades a televised image of Justin Bieber. Sort of.

The on-screen Justin Bieber to whom Selena Gomez sings is none other than Selena Gomez herself. Clad in a white jacket, black tie, and oversized JB style sunglasses, the T.V. Teen Dream even sports the Biebs’ trademark modified bowl haircut. He also sings silently along with her. After a couple of beats, the T.V. Bieber image splits and multiplies into a dozen JB miniatures At the 0.39 mark, he disappears.

Wow. Selena Gomez not only sings to Justin Bieber. She becomes him. What a concept. Or as Selena summed it up: “This song is fun and I wanted it to be really . . . different and I think we have accomplished that.

Good job, Selena. Mission definitely accomplished.

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