Justin Bieber Caught Leaving Selena Gomez’s NYC Hotel–Odd New Details Revealed (Video)

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Did Justin Bieber’s attempts to woo Selena Gomez back into his arms fall flat? From the reportedly miserable look on his face as he left her New York hotel, the answer is “Yes.” A gimlet-eyed fan took note of JB’s less than satisfied expression as he scurried from Selena’s hotel and into a waiting vehicle. She posted her impressions of his demeanor and his probable mood online.

“So i was waiting for Selena Gomez to come out,” wrote the belieber (Selenator? Jelenator?) who identified herself as Ana, “but there were rumors JB was at the hotel where she was staying at & that they were going to get back together but i doubt it. I took this video when he’s leaving the hotel from the back. And from the look of his face he was pretty upset so nobody knows what went down. Few minutes later Selena leaves the hotel from the front with Alfredo.”

Yikes. That doesn’t exactly sound like one of the high points of the Jelena saga. Furthermore, as you can see on Ana’s video below, the Biebs uncharacteristically ignored his adoring beliebers and made a dash for his ride. Although it’s difficult to see on the video, he must have looked truly tragic, because at one point Ana (or someone) actually tries to cheer him by yelling: “Smile, Justin! Be happy, Justin! Smile!”

Poor Biebs. Oh well, to quote Selena Gomez: “That’s a wrap.”

Or not.

Ana’s description of what transpired outside the hotel raises more questions than it resolves. If “what went down” was so disturbing that Justin looked “pretty upset’ exiting Selena’s hotel, then he must have failed to win her back. On the other hand, if Selena shot him down, why did she leave the hotel with Alfredo Flores? It seems odd indeed that Selena Gomez would kick Justin Bieber to the curb once and for all, and then go hang out with his BFF.

Curiouser and curiouser. It seems no one really knows what’s going on with these crazy kids. Possibly not even the crazy kids themselves.

But stay tuned.

Note to JB: Maybe you should ask Kristen Stewart how she won back Robert Pattinson. Hey, it’s worth a try.

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