Justin Bieber Caught Wearing Mascara in L.A, and Stripping for Fans in London

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Justin Bieber continues to amuse his fans and the rest of the world with his punk’d-like behavior. On April 23, the Teen Dream was caught wearing eye make-up in L.A. After that, it was off to the UK where he was mobbed (again?) and chased by obsessed Beliebers at Heathrow Airport. Later, he treated his fans to an impromptu striptease on the balcony of his London hotel.

Okay, okay. As you can see in the photo by clicking here, Justin’s cosmetological experiment was all in the line of duty. He was having mascara applies to his lashes on the set of his “Boyfriend” music video. Although according to an extremely observant Belieber, it was actually eyebrow gel. Whatever. Mascara or eyebrow gel, it a cute close-up of JB’s face. Note how the fan site that featured the pic was quick to remind fans that Justin Bieber does not wear make-up of any kind in everyday life.

Of course, nobody knows if JB was wearing make-up when he hiked up his shirt and treated the fans camped out beneath his London hotel balcony to a hot shot of his abs. And nobody cares. As you can see in the pic by clicking here, when Justin “saw his fans, he decided to make them all happy. By flashing some skin.” Perhaps as the fan site suggests, he should always greet his fans that way.

What do you think?

Note: This is the second time in the past week that Justin Bieber has drawn attention to his newly buff torso and abs. Is he channeling his old friend The Situation? Or is it all for Selena Gomez?

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