Justin Bieber, Chantel Jeffries: Sexy Girl with Bieber during Drag Race

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Justin Bieber appeared alone before a Miami judge after drag racing through the city’s streets, but he wasn’t alone when he slipped behind the wheel of that yellow Lamborghini. Chantel Jeffries was beside him, and the sexy girl from North Carolina appears to be a big question mark in the life of the celebrity.

Lil Twist, Justin Combs, and DeSean Jackson before; the blond-haired girl can boast a lot of other high-profile boyfriends in her past, but when Chantel Jeffries chose to party with Justin in Miami she certainly increased her own profile immediately.

An aunt of hers in Massachusetts insists that her niece is a “Christian girl” and that she can’t believe that Chantel would be caught up in the Bieber drag racing scandal. “It’s kind of shocking to hear she was present for this,” Nancy McCluskey said.

Selena Gomez might find it shocking, too, if she were not also looking at some stiff competition from the 21-year-old model, who has her own rap sheet to worry about. And given that Chantel was in the Cadillac Escalade SUV that picked Bieber up from jail when he made bond, then it appears she may be going to be in his life now. And maybe that is why he stepped up his risky behavior recently, because he has a new woman in his life that has had some brushes with the law herself? Let’s hope that Justin Bieber’s gal pal Chantel Jeffries is going to help him get his act together and not continue to mess up his reputation.

Chantel Jeffries flaunting her bathing suit body in an Instagram upload.

Chantel Jeffries poses in a bathing suit for an Instagram photo.

Photo credit: NY Daily News

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