Justin Bieber Complains About The Loneliness Of Fame — Is He Really Missing Selena Gomez?

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Poor Justin Bieber.  It must be rough being the idol of millions of fans who worship the ground you walk on, hang on your every word–or tweet–and literally follow your every move.  Seriously, it must be rough.

Yes, “unbeliebable” as it may seem to us mere mortals, there is a downside to being Justin Bieber.  On Monday, the teen dream arrived in Singapore for the first performance of the Asian leg of his sold out My World Tour. There, he cagily eluded a crowd of hundreds of true beliebers, many of whom had been waiting for hours, by refusing to exit through the airport’s main gates.  Later, in a press conference at the Singapore Indoor Stadium just a few hours before his performance, he spoke candidly about the phenomenon known as Bieber fever, and the negative aspects of being… himself.    

The 17-year old superstar swore his refusal to greet fans at Changi Airport wasn’t a diss, but rather a safety issue. 

“It was a security concern…,” he explained.  “It wouldn’t have been safe for me.  I love my fans, but I just can’t be put into positions where I’m in danger. Sometimes, the girls get a little crazy and want to just grab me.”

So, does that mean he wishes “his worshippers would tone it down a little?”   Apparently, yes.  At least where the noise is concerned. 

“The screams and stuff,” he mused.  “I haven’t really got used to that. It’s still crazy to me.”

It’s not just the beliebers’ screams that bother their idol, it’s their unrelenting attention, their often invasive desire to connect with him on any level by any possible means.  A case in point was his recent attempt to take a break from Twitter.  It failed miserably.  In fact, he claims the beliebers “are watching him so closely that he can’t…take a day off from tweeting.”

“Fans freak out as soon as I go a day without tweeting…” he lamented.  “They think I’m dead or something.”

But the worst part of Justin Bieber’s gold fish bowl existence is being separated from certain people.  

“It’s hard not getting to see people whom I love,” he admitted.  “But I get used to it and it’s all really special when we do meet again.” 

Well said.  But exactly who are those special people whom he loves?  Since his entourage includes his mother, Pattie Mallette, and Scooter Braun, to whom is he referring?   Could all this negativity– avoiding fans and complaining about the loneliness of fame, be because he misses Selena Gomez?   It’s possible.  Perhaps  his mood will improve if and when she joins him in Asia. 

Stay tuned.

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