Justin Bieber Cone-ing and Pranking Video Hits Internet (Video)

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It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is into cone-ing. Recently JB decided to share his love for the latest craze with his fans by Tweeting them a video of himself doing exactly that. Not only does the twitvid which you can watch below, show the Biebs having some cold, creamy fun, it shows him planning and playing an additional prank at, of all places, Wendy’s. Hey, you can’t blame a teen idol for having a sense of humor.

Cone-ing, for the uninitiated, is a bizarre and inexplicably popular fad. Actually, its popularity isn’t really so inexplicable. Justin Bieber’s obvious enthusiasm for the nonsensical practice automatically guarantees millions of teen cone-ing enthusiasts. Anyway, cone-ing is simple. The cone-er simply orders an ice cream cone or 2 and then instead of holding them by the cone, he or she grabs them by the ice cream top thereby squishing handfuls of the ice-cold stickiness between the fingers. What fun. In the video, you can actually hear the server girl gasp: “Eewww!” when JB grabs his ice cream cone by the wrong end. Later, he does the same thing with 2 cones at once, causing his friend, who’s riding shotgun, to caution:

“You’re gonna hit the wall! You’re drippin’ all over the place.”

“It’s all over me, though,” replies the Biebs.


In between the 2 cone-ing incidents, Justin tries to play a prank at a Burger King drive through by trying to “return” a Wendy’s frosty.

“So we went to Wendy’s and we got a frosty, and now we’re at Burger King and I’m gonna return this at Burger King and say it wasn’t good…” JB smirks conspiratorially, adding, “and get my money back. And start a big thing.” Alas the Wendy’s server didn’t fall for it. Even Justin Bieber can’t prank all the people all the time.

Actually, the most interesting thing about the video is that none of the fast food servers seemed to recognize the superstar. Even the girl at the beginning seemed oblivious. Except for her “Eewww!” there wasn’t a peep out of her–let alone a scream. The man at Wendy’s may have recognized Justin. Look closely, and you can see him reaching for a pen and paper–perhaps to get an autograph. Unfortunately, JB drives off to the next adventure so we’ll never know for sure.

Oh well, there you have it. Cone-ing and pranking with JB. Or as the Teen Dream himself put it:

“looks like we should go #cone-ing. #SWAG”

Note to Justin Bieber: With all due respect JB, isn’t is a little unsafe to drive with your forearms while holding 2 ice cream cones in your hands?

Just saying.

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