Justin Bieber Confesses He Used to be a ‘Prick’

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Recently, Justin Bieber posted a funny photo of himself on his Instagram account. That’s nothing new. Sharing his collection of random photos with his fans is one of JB’s favorite hobbies. And many of those photos are self-portraits. However, this pic was different. The photo JB snapped was of himself and a slightly younger “friend.” And the caption beneath it was somewhat shocking. In fact, some people might call it totally inappropriate.

On December 20, Justin Bieber Tweeted his fans a photo of himself standing next to an old life-sized cardboard cutout of himself made when he was younger. The cutout Biebs is much shorter and even sports JB’s old trademark long swirled bowl hair cut. The JB in the cutout looks about age fourteen. Along with the pic, the now 17-year-old pop Teen Dream Tweeted:

I met the old justin today. He was a real prick

You have to hand it to Justin bieber. Rich, über-famous, and powerful as he is, he’s still able to poke fun at himself. Even to the point of calling himself not-so-nice names. Oddly enough, however, some people were not amused by his most recent prank.

In a Hollywood Life poll which asked people what they thought of Justin calling himself a “prick,” 10.81% considered it totally inappropriate, and 21.62% were not quite sure what to think. Fortunately, a 67.57% majority got the joke, voting that the pic and the comment were “so funny.”

Thank goodness. One might start to think beliebers have no sense of humor.

You go, Biebs.

Note: Wonder what Selena Gomez thought of Justin Bieber way back then? Wonder what she thought of the “prick” tweet?

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