Justin Bieber Copying Michael Jackson and Hurting Himself with Mariah Yeater Song?

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Justin Bieber might be trying to channel Michael Jackson with a song about Mariah Yeater, but is he taking a misstep by emulating the King of Pop?

The Biebs has already said that he wants to be like Mike as far as what kind of music he does. Just like MJ, he’s planning to avoid singing about sex and drugs. However, Michael did sort of sing about sex in “Billie Jean,” and Justin might have to bring the subject up if he’s going to sing about Mariah; after all, she did claim that he had sex with her in a bathroom.

Hollywood Life has compared Justin’s song about the girl who accused him of being her baby’s father to Michael Jackson’s beloved song about a baby mama, and his story certainly has similar themes. “Billie Jean” was about the groupies that MJ and his brothers encountered when they made up The Jackson 5. Because of their fame, there were a lot of “Billie Jeans” who claimed that Michael and his brothers were the fathers of their children.

Justin Bieber might not have liked the Mariah Yeater scandal at first, but perhaps now he’s seeing the positive side of it—it’s given him something in common with Michael. Now he gets to do his own unique version of “Billie Jean,” and even though it’s kind of creepy, having a crazed fan like Mariah go as far as she did can be seen as evidence that Justin is just as famous as Michael. It’s hard to imagine him coming up with powerful lyrics like those in “Billie Jean,” but hopefully he at least tries to give it a beat like Michael’s amazing dance tune.

Hollywood Life got psychotherapist Rebecca Grado to weigh in on what she thinks of Justin Bieber bringing up Mariah Yeater in a song, and she’s not so sure it’s the best idea. After all, Mariah wanted her name in the headlines, and she basically vanished once people started to realize that her story about being impregnated by Justin was bogus. Now that Justin has revealed that he’s writing a song about her, she’s going to get that attention she craved again; people will want to do interviews with her to ask what she thinks about the song and what she’s doing with her life now. She might even be able to make money off the situation somehow.

Hopefully Justin leaves her behind for good after this, and hopefully he’s careful about what he does and doesn’t go chasing Michael Jackson’s shadow for too long—after all, being one of the biggest stars in the world didn’t end well for Michael.

So do you think Justin made a mistake by writing a song about Mariah?

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