Justin Bieber Could Win an Oscar, According to Famous Director

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Justin Bieber is talented enough that he could win an Oscar someday—or at least director John Waters thinks so.

At the Independent Spirit Awards, Waters was asked what his favorite movies of 2011 were. It’s not surprising that he named Pedro Almodovar’s creepy movie The Skin I Live In, but it is just a bit shocking that he considers Never Say Never one of the movies he enjoyed most last year.

Apparently Waters has caught a bad case of Bieber fever, because he said he was screaming just as much as the girls in the theater when he watched the Biebs shake his hair in 3D.

John Waters also said that he would love to cast Justin Bieber in one of his movies (if he could afford him), and that he thinks that the Biebs could win an Oscar if he plays a junkie.

It would certainly be interesting to see what kind of role Waters would write for Bieber. After all, this is the man responsible for Pink Flamingos—that infamous film about the filthiest people alive features cannibalism, all sorts of perverse sex acts, and Waters’ muse Divine eating supposedly real dog feces.

If the Biebs did team up with Waters, he would be following in the footsteps of girlfriend Selena Gomez by working with a director known for featuring controversial and disturbing scenes. She’s working on Spring Breakers with Harmony Korine, whose last film Trash Humpers was about a group of sadistic vandals who do things like hump trash bins. And like many of John Waters’ movies, Korine’s movie Gummo shows “white trash” doing some pretty disturbing things (like torturing cats).

So maybe Justin and his girlfriend will both try to leave their squeaky-clean images behind by working with directors known for shocking audiences. If Harmony can snag Selena Gomez, then there’s hope that John Waters can convince Justin Bieber to work with him.

It might not be that much of a stretch—Waters has worked with Johnny Depp on the musical Cry-Baby, and he did direct Hairspray. So he doesn’t just try to see how much he can gross audiences out in all of his movies. However, Waters is also a fan of drag—it could be fun to see the Biebs rock makeup and platform heels in a musical.

So do you think John Waters is right—could Justin really win an Oscar for playing a junkie, or will he just focus on doing family-friendly movies like the basketball flick that he’s working on with Mark Wahlberg?

Check out Waters’ interview below.

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