Justin Bieber Cuffed on Fashion Police

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This weekend, Justin Bieber was a Fashion Police subject, which is rare on this E! Entertainment show. Indeed, the teen superstar isn’t usually called out during this hour-long, sartorially driven show even though the Biebs definitely does exude individual style.

However, that style remains somewhat the same as the singer continues to entrance millions of girls around the world. Now he is doing that even more by osmosis and with a little help from his new scent.

It was that new scent that had the Fashion Police scrambling to speak about just what it was and how it smelled. Joan Rivers, always ready with a joke no matter how sick that joke is, said that Bieber’s perfume called Someday “smells like gummy bears committing suicide.”

After River garnered little to no giggles on that one, every member of the judging panel was given a bottle of Someday, which was named the Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance of the Year at the FiFi Awards 2012—otherwise known as the Oscars of the fragrance industry.

Kelly Osbourne was particularly thrilled that Joan Rivers gave her the fresh scent, which is a pretty piece just as art with its ode to a blooming flower coming out of the top of the bottle. George Kotsiopoulos was impressed that he was given perfume instead of the less expensive cologne.

And so, with that display of present-giving by Joan Rivers, Justin Bieber was cuffed by the Fashion Police this weekend and then released so that, hopefully, he’ll be back in other circumstances on the E! Entertainment TV show that is all about celebrities and their collective sartorial style.

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