Justin Bieber dead? Bieber death rumors spread

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The internet has been a breeding ground for celebrity death hoaxes and rumors.  The latest viral hoax has young pop singer Justin Bieber dead.  Justin Bieber, who will be 16 on March 1, is known for hit songs like “One Time”, “Favorite Girl” and “Love Me”.  Bieber is in fact still alive, and this is a similar hoax to one that was pulled on the net back in early January 2010.  Some rumors back then had fans worried over Justin Bieber’s death as well.

Justin’s alive and active on his Twitter account (http://twitter.com/JUSTInBieber) and recently Tweeted in response to rumors he was dead:

“and another rumor that I died?? The craziest stuff happens when I get on long plane rides. lol. Im ALIVE and well and very blessed. thanks.    about 4 hours ago   from web”

The Justin Bieber dead rumors are the latest in a long line of fake celebrity death news and rumors started online.  Others who have been rumored dead in viral gossip are Eminem, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Bill Cosby.  People starting the death rumors seem to have too much time on their hands, so don’t fret about whether or not Justin Bieber has perished.  The teenage singer who recently appeared in the “We are the World 2010″ remake is alive and well.

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