Justin Bieber Defended by Museum for Comments Made

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One would expect beliebers to defend Justin Bieber after his Anne Frank comment that drew Nazi-like hate and attacks on the teen idol, but it was the Anne Frank museum who has rushed to his defense instead, according to a Monday report from the Irish Examiner.

The museum spokesman said that people need to take into consideration that the male singer is only 19 years old. And they’re right of course, as just how mature can a 19-year-old boy with the world at his feet actually be, especially when it comes to understanding what someone like Anne Frank went through?

Maybe if the Biebs had experienced great hardships in his young life he could relate, but he became a pop music idol with a fortune thrown at him by music companies, so he’s, logically, clueless about the kind of suffering she endured.

That’s why the Anne Frank museum spokesman told the BBC that “it’s a crazy life he’s living, he didn’t mean bad…” Justin Biebers fans would likely agree, of course, since he did show an interest in visiting the museum. Right? And he does live a crazy life full of adoring female fans and an unlimited access to anything he wants.

What the Nazi-like attack on the celebrity musician has managed to do in addition to pointing out the youth’s immaturity, however, is draw more attention to Anne Frank and the Holocaust. And that can’t hurt, even if the Bieber hate was a tad Nazi-like in tone. And even the museum spokesman acknowledged this in a way, saying “It’s nice that he made the effort. He didnt’ have to come.”

Justin Bieber can’t be any more immature than the average 19-year-old boy who might become a singing sensation overnight and have all the women and money in the world thrown at him. But he certainly shouldn’t be lambasted for visiting a museum and speaking his mind or writing what he feels. Aren’t all teens allowed to do that?

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