Justin Bieber Dissed by Former *NSync Member Joey Fatone

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Poor Justin Bieber. For some reason, a lot of people have been dissing him lately. Apparently, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong started a trend when he ranted about “f**king Justin Biebr” during his infamous iHeart Radio Music Festival meltdown. Most recently, *NSync’s Joey Fatone went on record with a prediction that Biebs will someday wind up as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Of course, in all fairness, perhaps Fatone knows whereof he speaks. The former boy band member has been on DWTS many times.

On September 25, JB sang As Long As You Love Me on Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. Needless to say, the audience went wild. But former *NSync boy bander Joey Fatone, not do much.

“It makes me laugh,” claimed Fatone. “I’m happy that I’m not doing it right now!”

Fatone, who first appeared as a competitor on Dancing With The Stars at the tender age of thirty, believes there’s a good chance Selena Gomez’s man may someday follow in his corybantic footsteps.

“Maybe,” he gloated–er–joked. “You never think that. [At the height of your career you think], ‘I’m going to go on forever, I’m not going to do anything like Dancing With the Stars — and I’m back for another season of torture!”

Ouch. At 18, could Justin Bieber be only twelve years away from doing the rumba or the tango on DWTS. Or is Joey Fatone just jealous because his own teen idol years are now behind him?

What do you think?

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