Justin Bieber Does Not Like Fame, Wants Normal Life

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Justin Bieber is probably one of the most famous guys in the world and by all accounts, he has worked darn hard to get that famous. Unfortunately, he does not really like it. This is according to his manager, Scooter Braun, in a recent interview with Complex magazine.

Despite Justin’s monstrous success, he is not really all that happy to be so easily recognized. He cannot go to the mall or out to dinner with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, without a horde of paparazzi and fans stalking him. The fame certainly has its drawbacks.
Scooter says, “The struggle we’ve had is that he doesn’t like being famous.” Obviously, Justin loves his fans and the wealth that goes with that fame, but he also wants to be able to enjoy the perks of his celebrity. “He struggles with not being normal. He really wants to be normal,” the manager explains. Of course, Justin is normal in the human sense, but unlike other young people his age, he cannot hop in the car and run to the gas station for a munchies fix. His trip would consist of at least one security guard and a throng of screaming girls.

Is it wrong for Justin to grumble about the price of fame when he worked so hard to reach that star status? Scooter essentially helped raise Justin Bieber over the past five years. He laid down the law and told him, “You’re not normal, and since you’re living an extraordinary life, I’m going to hold you to extraordinary standards.” Too harsh, or did Scooter help mold the Canadian singer into the charitable celebrity he is today?

Although the fame can sometimes be too much for Justin to handle, he has claimed he gave up his chance at a normal life, so he could please his fans. It sounds like he is coping just fine, and one day that fame will wane, and he will get the chance to life a somewhat normal life. He should definitely enjoy it all and live for the moment.

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