Justin Bieber: Dreams of Outer Space! Would He Take Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber has the music (Boyfriend), the hot car (Fisker Karma), and the cute girlfriend (Selena Gomez). One thing though that he is missing, is a trip on a rocket. Yep, that’s right JB wants to be an astronaut and go into outer space.

What little boy doesn’t at least have one dream of becoming an astronaut and flying into space. Has Justin Bieber been hanging around Ashton Kutcher lately? Perhaps Ashton gave him this brilliant idea.

“If I could choose anything else? I would probably be an astronaut because I want to go to space. So that would be cool,” Justin told the UK TV show Daybreak (via Music-News.com) “Maybe. I think Ashton Kutcher is doing that. But I don’t know if I want to spend that much money…”

Okay, so Justin wants to go to space, but he doesn’t want to fork over the cash to do it? This doesn’t bode well for Selena Gomez going along on a date to outer space! So, while Justin Bieber is busy on a Chick-fil-A and Panera budget with his girlfriend, he is contemplating, yet probably won’t, spending a quarter million dollars on a trip to the stars. Come on, Justin, if you are going to go… go big and take Selena Gomez with you. She’d never find another guy who could top that.

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