Justin Bieber Experiences Bad Case of Embarrassment

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Justin Bieber is experiencing one of the worst cases of embarrassment he’s ever felt. He’s still embarrassed over throwing up on stage not one–but twice during the opening show on his Believe concert tour. Can you imagine how embarrassing that must have been?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Justin knew in hindsight what make him so violently ill.

“Justin had pasta and milk about an hour and a half before he went on stage,” the source sa Justin Bieber - The Bieberhood Fan Site ys. “He’s a bit embarrassed but he’s fine, the kid is tough and knows how to laugh at himself.”

Not only did Justin withstand the embarrassment of throwing up during his show in front of all his fans–but the video clip of the vomiting has run rampant over the internet. There’s practically no one who hasn’t seen Bieber barfing.

Fortunately some crude person didn’t get the idea of marketing what Justin produced that night on stage. Can’t you just imagine an eBay listing selling Justin Bieber’s barf?

Hopefully Justin recovers from his bad case of embarrassment soon. It certainly wasn’t his fault. Fans love him just the same–as does girlfriend Selena Gomez, who rushed to Las Vegas to watch his second show on the Believe tour and check up on her man to make sure he’s okay.

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