Justin Bieber Fans Crash Music Video Shoot! Dangerous or Not?

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Justin Bieber can’t go anywhere these days without being followed. Justin is not only followed by the paparazzi and his entourage…but swarms and swarms of adoring pre-teen and teenage girls. This was made clear yet again this week….by accident (maybe).

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?Justin was shooting a music video for his yet to be released holiday album. Bieber, who has a habit of spilling his general site on Twitter, happened to tweet out his whereabouts in Tennessee for the ‘Mistletoe’ video shoot.

It didn’t take long before the hordes of adoring (and sometimes obnoxious) fans found Justin Bieber, and crashed the set of his music video. He didn’t seem to mind too much:

On the set of #mistletoe. Christmas is coming early this year. #nov1st….they found us best fans in the world. #loyalty – thank u. love yall.

How can this be safe, though? He tweets that he is at the mall and 3,000 girls show up. He stands on a hotel balcony and there is nearly a riot in the streets. He has gotten in trouble in the past for tweeting his locations. Is this just an ego thing? Clearly, with no crowd control, it could be a dangerous situation for himself, his crew, and his fans.

The question is this: should Justin Bieber have tweeted his location, or should he be much more careful about disclosing his whereabouts so he can stop creating mob scenes?

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