Justin Bieber Fans Please His Olfactory Organs and His Wallet!

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Justin Bieber might have sabotaged the sales of one issue of Vanity Fair magazine cover by appearing on it, but his name is doing the opposite for another product. Over a million people want to smell like Justin Bieber says that they should and have purchased “Someday.”

The pop singer’s new fragrance has brought in $30 million at Macy’s, with the projected sales to reach $100 million in its first year. The fragrance appeals to the young teens, as its round bottle has a top with a flower that is blooming into a heart.

As the BSC Kids website points out, Bieber has the product promotion career to fall back on, if he ever needs it. Justin joins a long line of celebrities making ordinary products the next big selling must-have item. As he entices the younger set to please his olfactory organs, they oblige, a million times over!

It is not so much the bottle that will sell, but what is in it. Bieber’s millions of fans are going to want to smell like the perfect girl for this icon. His commercial for the fragrance reeks of sexual undertones as he sniffs around a woman’s hair and neck ( who looks a bit too old for the teen).

In the commercial, you see the effort to find the sexiest voice that the normally squeaky sounding Justin can muster. Then using this voice, he gives his thoughts on how a woman should smell. It is hard to see this scenario as sexy, but kids are buying the fragrance.

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