Justin Bieber Fans Send Death Threats to Drake Bell for Dissing Their Idol

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Justin Bieber’s fans are as mad as hell at Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell. In fact, they hate him so much, they want him dead. It seems Bell committed the unpardonable sin of dissing the Biebs. Not smart, Drake. Now, the beliebers have him in their cross hairs, and they’re threatening to kill him.

Actually, the war between Bell and JB’s fan base started on July 2, when he tweeted Katy Perry that artists who release biographical films after only 5 years in show business are just plain ridiculous. He was, of course, referring to her new film Part of Me. The following day he tweeted:

“I wouldn’t randomly bash @katyperry….bieber however lol.”

Oops. While JB’s multitudes of fans didn’t care about La Perry, they took immediate offense to what they saw as Drake’s diss of Justin’s documentary film, Never Say Never. The beliebers’ response was immediate and intense.

“I hope you know bashing Justin aint gonna get you nowhere,” wrote one, “like it or not Bieber is more successful than you and hes just 18.”

Bell, very stupidly, shot back at them, offering to give their idol guitar lessons. The beliebers were not amused.

“I think we should stone @DrakeBell” tweeted one fan, “Then throw his body into the pit.”


Still refusing to get the hint, Bell replied with a another diss.

“I haven’t listened to much Justin Bieber,” Drake wrote, “but his songs must be full of hate and rage because that’s what his believers are filled with.”


More violent belieber tweets followed including one that was simply a photo of a very large, and no doubt very sharp butcher knife. There was no caption, but the message was clear.

After that, Justin graciously stepped in and tried to calm things down.

Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid,” JB informed his followers, adding, “really.”

Whether Justin’s intervention will resolve the situation is unknown. Hopefully, Drake Bell has learned not to mess with the beliebers. They’re a rough crowd. Loyal, loving, and cute, but rough. Just ask Selena Gomez.

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