Justin Bieber Feeling the Baby Scandal Stress

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Justin Bieber has lost Santa Claus! Is the Mariah Yeater baby scandal weighing on his nerves? Singing the Christmas fave “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on the Today Show this week, the teen sensation, 17, lost touch with the words and forgot where the gent in the red suit was headed. And that old song is featured in his new album, too. Reports The Improper, the Biebs “tried to cover up by repeating the verse ‘he’s making a list’ several times instead of the correct lyrics.” When the words still wouldn’t come, Justin Bieber resorted to dancing.

This is one singer who is totally comfortable onstage, and he has faced television cameras countless times. Has anyone ever seen such not-with-the-program behavior before? Stress must be getting to him. Stress can make you forget your own name in trying situations.

The next thing Justin Bieber “lost” was Europe. And Australia. HuhFile:Justin Bieber 2011.jpg? Rather large items to misplace, but when David Letterman asked him to name the seven continents—all of which Justin claimed he had possibly visited, he couldn’t. He needed hints to add the missing two. Oh, and he added the North Pole, which is not a continent. That might be a good place to look for Santa Claus.

Justin Bieber’s life is stressful on an ongoing basis, what with all the travel and money management and paparazzi in his face all the time. But the baby mama scandal where Mariah Yeater claims he fathered her child, seems to be wearing on the young celeb. He has already had a DNA report made on himself—a step he was not legally required to do. Now Yeater says it isn’t good enough, unless she (or a rep) is present. She dropped the lawsuit, but the scandal won’t leave Justin Bieber in peace. Stress may be taking over.

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