Justin Bieber Fell Asleep During ‘The Hunger Games’

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Justin Bieber’s recent statement about The Hunger Games might offend some of his fans. After all, a lot of Beliebers are probably also Peetaphiles.

So did he diss Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence’s kiss in the movie by saying that he and Selena Gomez could do better? While that would actually be a pretty awesome way to start a feud, Justin really couldn’t complain about the cave kissing scene since he probably slept through it.

The Biebs told MTV this about his experience watching The Hunger Games:

“I liked Bridesmaids. I need to see Hunger Games again. I need to see it because I went there the first night it came out and I fell asleep because it was like super-late. But I need to see it again.”

Justin Bieber wouldn’t last long in the Hunger Games arena if he’s prone to napping like that.

Of course it’s really hard to bash the Biebs for falling asleep during the movie—he does have a rather hectic schedule, so he’s got to visit dreamland whenever he can. Justin didn’t say if Selena Gomez was with him when he watched The Hunger Games, but surely she joined him to go see Bridesmaids. Then again, if they got photographed going to see a movie about a wedding together, it would have probably sparked more engagement rumors.

Justin Bieber did say that he might give The Hunger Games another chance, but it’s obvious that right now he’ll be rooting for Bridesmaids to win Movie of the Year at the MTV Movie Awards. And it’s not really that surprising that he’s more of a comedy fan—he is a notorious prankster, after all (he really needs to punk someone during the awards show).

So do you prefer Bridesmaids like Justin, or do you think that The Hunger Games will finally take down the Twilight franchise by beating Breaking Dawn – Part 1 at the MTV Movie Awards?

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