Justin Bieber Flashes London Fans His Butt–What Will Selena Gomez Say?

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Justin Bieber had two serious wardrobe malfunctions (so far) in London. One was outside KISS FM UK, the other at Heathrow. Of course, JB has almost lost his pants before, but this time it seemed deliberate. Is he chasing Miley Cyrus? More importantly, what will Selena Gomez say?

Are the Teen Dream and the Party in the U.S.A. singer in some sort of bizarre folie à deux? On April 23, Miley posted a bizarre Tweet that included a photo of herself dressed up like Bieber. On April 23 and 24, JB gave his UK beliebers more than an eyeful—one at Heathrow Airport, and another outside a London radio station.

As you can see in the photo here, Justin almost lost his pants as he tried to get into a waiting vehicle outside KISS FM studio. His already excited fans got a healthy look at his red underwear. (They were briefs.) What’s intriguing about the pic is that Biebs is grabbing his tee-shirt and pulling it to the side, not straight down. And notice how he continues to hold the shirt up as the paps click several photos. It’s almost as if he wants the crowd to see his package. Almost? The fan sites even dished about JB “deliberately flashing his fans.”

In the second pic, which was snapped at Heathrow Airport on April 23, the Boyfriend singer’s face is obviously not visible. So it’s impossible to tell whether that wardrobe malfunction was intentional or not. What is obvious, however, are Justin Bieber’s butt cheeks. Although covered by some sort of mesh-like translucent material, they are definitely recognizable as butt cheeks, and they’re definitely visible. You can see them for yourself by clicking here.

So, there you have it. And you also have the above questions still unanswered. As to whether Biebs is chasing La Cyrus, who’s been known to deliberately flash a money shot or two or six, is unknown. What is obvious to anyone with a brain stem is that Biebs could have avoided both these so-called malfunctions by simply purchasing a belt. He can probably afford one by now. As for his lady-love, Selena Gomez, she once revealed in an interview that she’s often tried to make him pull up his pants, but he only laughs. So whatever she thinks or says will probably be ignored. Furthermore, La Gomez was recently caught misbehaving when she and her BFF Taylor Swift angered some L.A. restaurant patrons with their loud yapping and giggling.

Ah, teenagers.

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