Justin Bieber Flips Off Paparazzi

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship has caused one heck of a media frenzy to get photos of the lovebird snuggling. It also seems that just after two short days of being public lovers, that the couple are feeling the strain of being thrust in the spotlight.

File:Justin Bieber.jpgThe incident went down reportedly after Justin and Selena’s birthday dinner out at Maggiano’s. The newly crowned 17-year-old attempted to drive himself and his love away from the numerous photographers when one photographer got up close to the car window and Justin apparently snapped. The photo that resulted from the incident is one of Selena hiding her face through the car’s window and an irritated Justin giving the one finger salute!

This photo really has made many Belibers stop to think just who their boy idol is. Has Justin changed from the calm, laid back sweet boy? Has he always been a vulgar boy but hidden it well? Was he pushed too far? Lastly, is he a good role model?

While any of the above could be true or partially true, it’s known that stars do not think kindly of their space being invaded. Perhaps the paparazzi photographer was in the wrong to get so close to the car, but isn’t the same true for Justin? His behavior will be seen around the world by many fans and parents. This includes many parents who fund his young fan’s love of him and make him money.

It’s currently unknown what effect, if any, this photo will have on his career. However, it’s probably a good idea for the couple not to dine in a very public and well-known eatery in LA. Maybe next time ordering in or getting room service would be a far wiser choice.

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